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Life is good [entries|friends|calendar]
Chelsea Bawls

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i have come to the conclusion... [14 Jun 2008|03:27am]
[ mood | its raining outside.... ]

That no one uses this. i was looking back on my old entries and holy shit, i was immature back when i was 15 and life was so boring. haha. things have changed, ill probably never use this because myspace is more of my thing now. its weird how time flys. ive done my fair share of growing up, im almost 18, done with highschool, going to college for nursing, my rich daddy bought me a laptop for college, i have my license, my car is broke though, and its been broke for like 2 months now, lol. Ughh i work my ass off at this place called the fondue room. I love who i work with. My best friends are Ashley and Hope. Drama happens, things change, I dont know what you tell you. Im an aunt...I have a wonderful boyfriend named David and i really couldnt be any happier with life right now. Everythings great. Except i just really need a ciggarette, lol.

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